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British Cultural Values poetry package

The four core British Values; Rule of Law, Democracy, mutual Respect and Tolerance of others and Individual Liberty (which of course are not all exclusively British) can be delivered across Year 3/4/5 and 6 (240 pupils) throughout a single school day with the help of a FREE PDF pack a few poets (including myself) have put together. The pack has been specially compiled to help teachers engage pupils on the four themes through a fun creative showcase poetry slam, where pupils work in teams to create fun performances based on the pre-written poems (or new ones they create by following the activities and easy to follow guide in the pack). You can also book a poet to deliver the British Values poetry slam workshop at your school whilst an enthusiastic teacher learns the format (shadows the poet) who could run the day again at some future point (perhaps the following year as each Year group covers one of the 4 themes). 

To get your FREE PDF (which will retail at £97 in due course - so get it free while you can) please visit:

Below are some video testimonials from teachers who've experienced the package and shared the impact it's had on their pupils....

British Cultural Values - Head Teacher's feedback

Head of Pupil Progress/Literacy feedback

Primary Teacher's feedback